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How to leave a review for Broken Hearts Division

This step by step guide explains how to leave your very own review for everyone's favorite love-cop show, Broken Hearts Division.

Log into your Amazon Prime account

Visit and log-in the way you normally would.

Find "Broken Hearts Division" on Amazon Prime Video

Search for "Broken Hearts Division" using the main Amazon search box, or simply click this link:

The page should look something like this:

Click the "Write a customer review" button

Scroll down the page, and you'll find the "Write a customer review" button a little below the episode descriptions. Click the button!

Write your review

This is where you write your review. Here's a quick explanation of each section:

1. Each show on Amazon prime is rated between 1 and 5 stars. Simply click on one of the stars to indicate your rating. If you want to give BHD 5 stars, you'd click once on the 5th star. If you wanted to give BHD 4 stars, you'd still click on the 5th star. Not really... but it was worth a try.

2. This is where you could add a photo, which you shouldn't do. This is meant for reviewing physical goods, not tv shows.

3. In your own words, write a short headline that summarizes your feelings about BHD (i.e., "I laughed 'till I peed!" -- or maybe something less disgusting)

4. In your own words, write the review! It can be as short as your headline or as long as a Tolstoy novel. Write whatever you want! The only thing we ask is that you do not mention Nicole by name, or mention any direct (or indirect) connection you might have to BHD. We want you to be honest, but we'd rather avoid giving the impression that your review is biased simply because you may know someone affiliated with the show.

5. Click the Submit button!

You're done!

After you've submitted your review, you should see a "Review submitted" box at the top of your screen. That's it! Thank you for taking the time to review Broken Hearts Division! If you know anyone else who's seen the show (or should), please pass this on to them so they can leave a reivew as well. The more the merrier!